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Roxio Buzz 2.0

Developed by Roxio
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Roxio Buzz is a simple video editor built entirely for sharing video on the web. Direct support for publishing to YouTube and Silverlight Streaming.
* Easy to learn one-button editing lets you quickly cut and post your video the way you want it
* Add tags, description and more, then upload directly to your YouTube user account without ever leaving the application.
* Buzz automatically optimizes video file size and quality to match the upload requirements for each site.
* Capture directly from DV camera or Webcam then share

Capture live video from Webcam
Control your DV camera with the Buzz transport controls
Import video from DV camera to DV-AVI or MPEG-2
Two editing modes (delete and keep)
Select areas to keep or delete on the fly during playback
Visually switch between the unedited and edited video
Support for all major video file types
Projects automatically associated with the original video for easy access
Delete and restore segments with one click
Full-screen playback mode
Take a JPEG snapshot from any frame

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